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Warranty / Our Guarantees

Product Warranty

1. Product Guarantees

Inkjet Toner Film Fax Ribbons Lift Off Tapes
1 Year warranty warranty warranty
3 Years warranty warranty


2. Steps for making a product claim are as follows:

1. Discontinue using the faulty cartridge and place the cartridge back in its packaging. Call our customer service call center on 02-713-3500-18 and report the problem in detail such as flashing lights, stalled printer, spilled ink/toner. Once our customer service representative has identified the symptom he/she will provide a solution on the phone. If the problem cannot be fixed on the phone we will check your records and if appropriate come out to your site and fix the problem. If the problem is with the cartridge our representative will bring the cartridge back to the workshop and return/replace within 7 days.

2. If after 7 days you have not heard from 1 of our representatives then you may contact our call center to get an update on your cartridge.

Conditions for making a product claim

Cases where a claim cannot be made Cases where a claim can be made
– The cartridge has been tampered with ie refilled or opened– improper use of the cartridge (outside its normal intended use)

– past its warranty period– The cartridge is empty or low on ink/toner

- Streaky printing- abnormal colour combinations- faint colours

- Cartridge doesn’t fit in the printer

- Inside warranty period


*** If the claim is legitimate then a loan cartridge will be sent out while we fix the faulty cartridge. If the cartridge cannot be fixed we will send a replacement cartridge.

*** In the event you open the box and find partially opened/torn product packaging please cease the use of the product immediately and keep the cartridge in a dry place. An email with an attached photo should be sent to service@ink.in.th or service.cop4@gmail.com for immediate processing. A call should also be made to our customer service team on 02-7133500-18 where one of our representatives will guide you through the product claiming process.

3. Original cartridges purchased from us which are faulty may be claimed by sending us the cartridge and packaging (products without packaging/boxes cannot be claimed) or you may make a claim directly with the Original manufacturer.