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Types of Printer Cartridges


Original Cartridges, our closest competitor, since the beginning of the personal printer original printer cartridge manufacturers have held a monopoly over consumers who use that particular brand. These cartridges are usually priced very high as there was no other alternative. These cartridges produce a very high printing quality and this is also reflected in the price.

Counterfeit Cartridges, produced from second hand cartridges or in some cases the manufacturer produces the cartridge themselves. These cartridges are counterfeit copies of original cartridges in terms of logo, design and brand name; therefore illegal. These cartridges are not much cheaper than original cartridges, in some cases the same price, however the quality is usually much lower than original cartridges.

Re-manufactured cartridges, produced from recycled cartridges, via the process of taking the cartridge apart, cleaning the cartridge, replacing faulty parts and filled with original quality toner/ink. The quality of a re-manufactured cartridge should be 95% compared to an original cartridge if re-manufactured properly. A properly remanufactured cartridge allows the consumer to take advantage of both low price and quality comparable to an original cartridge.

Re-filled cartridges, often found in IT & Computer Plazas, the re-fill process is just a matter of punching a hole in the cartridge and re-filling it with toner/ink without cleaning and replacing faulty parts. The result is usually a poor quality cartridge which is reflected in the price. Frequent problems with re-filled cartridges are streaky printing, ink smearing and sometimes unable to print due to an out-dated chip.

Compatible Cartridges, as the name suggests, compatible cartridges are compatible with most printers except they are not manufactured by the original manufacturer. Therefore, the quality is not the same as an original cartridge however it is available at a much more affordable price than the original cartridges. These cartridges are suitable for home/home office usage however they are generally not reliable for commercial grade printing.