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Company Profile

Central Office Products Co., Ltd. has been in operation since 1995 and since then has become one of Thailand’s leading remanufacturers of printer cartridges with a specialization in Laser and Inkjet cartridges. In fact, we have earned a reputation in the local market place as a leader in remanufactured cartridges.

Our Promise:

  1. To Deliver a quality product derived from the refinement of our remanufacturing process over the last 10 years
  2. Excellent customer service where you have confidence in knowing we are with you every step of the way
  3. Help your company reduce printer consumable costs by up to 30%

Our Company strives to deliver a superior quality product supported by a professional customer service team where we truly believe “your success is our success”.

Naturally our remanufacturing process gives us 2 distinctive opportunities:

  1. the opportunity to save the environment
  2. the opportunity to assist our customers in reducing their printing costs by way of offering high quality cartridges at a very affordable price.

The quality of our product begins with our empties selection process all the way through the remanufacturing process with careful selection of high quality parts sourced from abroad.

This is how we know our product is a close competitor to an Original product and someday we anticipate the quality our products will surpass that of an original.